"Those who have experienced Paris have advantage over those who have not. We are the ones who have glimpsed a little bit of heaven, down here on earth." - Deirdre Kelly

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Working Lunch

Working lunch at The Pleasant House

"We must have pie. 
Stress cannot exist in the presence of pie."
 ~ David Mamet

Hip-Hip-Hooray! I've finally finished my latest Postcard to Paris. As I type, my article and photos are hurling through cyber-space to Paris. This was the most difficult Postcard to write, to date. I think that's because my subject's connection to Paris is tangential. An English inspired pie shop and in house brewery that grows it's own produce (on a Chicago urban farm), brews their own beer and ale, makes their own sodas from scratch, has their own private label coffee and wine, and uses their surplus crop to make their own tea(s), body scrub, lotion and lip balm. All smack dab in the middle of America's heartland - about as far away from Paris as you can get. Or so you'd think…

Main Street, Three Oaks, Michigan

Three Oaks is located in the heart of Harbor County, Michigan - a quixotic mix of sleepy beach community, artist colony, and farm country. Summer is the high tourist season and for good reason. The beaches are simply divine and sublime. But Autumn is equally as gorgeous, though for different reasons. Trees and foliage abound and in Autumn their leaves are dazzling shades of gold, red, and orange. The weather is crisp, the sun bright and warm, the brilliant blue sky scattered with fluffy white clouds - peaceful, quiet, beautiful. On one of those days, Mr. Gorgeous and I made the 90 minute drive with the top down, parked the car and stumbled upon a street festival. Wurstfest 2013.

Like I said, about as far away from Paris as you can get. 
Or so you'd think. The je ne sais quois of The Pleasant House is pure Parisienne. 

The Pleasant House was just beyond the furthest boundaries of the festival. When I stepped into The Pleasant House
I felt Paris.

There's a master brewer onsite that crafts some pretty tasty beers and ale. I'm particularly fond of the Yankee Brew (a Pale Ale) and the Violet Beauregarde (a Blueberry Wheat Ale).

The sitting area/vignette:
Vintage settees upholstered in Chartreuse.
A curvy legged table - tout tres française.

Above the bar is a line of a dozen reproduction gas lamps.
A gilt gold mirror repurposed into a menu board.

Exposed brick walls are the canvas.

Mr. Gorgeous and I arrived at the perfect time. I was able to conduct my interview and sample some of Chelsea's (the owner) yummy savory pies, sides and tasty in-house brewed beer and ale - before the crush. Then the place started to jump.

Full House

A character at the bar

 Delicious savory pies 
flying fast and furious from the kitchen

 Chelsea Kalberloh-Jackson - proprietress

Mr. Gorgeous and I had a lovely day and made a few new friends besides ;-} I dearly miss my Beloved but my prolonged absence has produced an unexpected sparkly silver lining - the opportunity to explore  closer to home. Adventure abounds. I'm discovering new places, meeting new people, having wonderful experiences. The cherry on top is that I get to write and blog about them too! And even though each new place, person and experience is distinct and unique, there's always an unexpected bit of Paris. Maybe She misses me too?

*This post is just a snippet. To read my complete Postcard (with my best photos) see the latest  issue of Belle Inspiration.

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!


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