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Wednesday, August 02, 2017


2 August 1997 - 2 August 2017 

"Only from the heart can you touch the sky." - Rumi

Mr. Gorgeous and I renewed our marital vows in celebration of our 20th wedding anniversary - with our beloved children, ma mere divine, Coco and 16 of our family and dearest friends. Every moment of our day was magic...

Lemons, Lemonade: in all the years we've vacationed in Shangri-La, it's only rained twice (the last time was 5+ years ago). So, it never occurred to me to check the weather. Imagine my shock and trepidation to learn that  roving thunderstorms and flooding was forecasted for twenty! EEK! Thank Goddess for Beth (our caterer). She and I quickly came up with a plan B: we moved the cocktails inside and designated the cottage's fireplace in the main room (the backdrop for the dance floor) as an alternate ceremony locale. Still, I was determined to celebrate outside and on the beach. So I overnight(ed) Hot Pink silk Chinese parasols for our guests - a perfect, yet practical, splash of color. The Silver Lining? The threat of thunderstorms gifted us with an empty beach all to ourselves. 

"Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day." - James Orchard Halliwell (1850s)

The cottage's mantle: the children and I filled mason jars with sand and topped them with flickering LED votives. I made 1 dozen table lamps: standard wine glasses topped with vellum shades I hot glued both with hundreds of tiny gold sequins, then lit them with LED flickering votives). The figurine is the cake topper from our 10th wedding anniversary vow renewal celebration. 

Cocktails et Charcuterie

Bride's Cocktail: 'Temple's Sunset'
Champagne+San Pellegrino Blood Orange Sparkling Fruit Beverage+Orange Slice Garnish
Groom's Cocktail: 'No Mistake'
Bombay Sapphire Gin+Schweppes Tonic Water+Lime Slice Garnish

It's SistahDiva-fitting that my splurge items were the color Hot Pink: 
silk parasols, wildflowers and napkins embossed with our names and 'twenty' in gold foil. 

There's a lovely green field down the lane 
- perfect for a group photo...

We asked our guests to wear white - everyone looked gorgeous!

The Monet umbrella is the mother-of-the-bride gift we gave mom at our first wedding (20 years ago). 

The skies cleared! After a few more cocktails and lots more laughter and fun, time for the ceremony...

The sand, sky, trees, grasses and water were so beautiful - the perfect setting. 
So I chose a simple garland of Silver Dollar and Seeded Eucalyptus for our altar -
carried down and arranged on the beach by my dear friend and her lovely daughter.

Father Jim Heneghan officiated - he did 20 years ago too. 

Best Man: our youngest son, Never 
The gentlemen's boutonni√®res: Seeded Eucalyptus and Hypericon Berries 

Maid of Honor: our daughter, Sage
Her bouquet: a spray of Baby's Breath

Our eldest son, Rory - walked me down the aisle 
My bouquet: Silver Dollar and Seeded Eucalyptus, Leather Leaf and Queen Anne's Lace

"Real love stories never have endings." - Richard Bach

Our marital vow renewal ceremony was simple, elegant, beautiful.

This is the power of gathering; it inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, 
more joyful, more thoughtful; in a word, more alive." - Alice Waters

On the day, Mr. G went to the local farmer's market and returned with a trunk full of Hot Pink 
themed bunches of wild flowers - we placed them on every table inside and out.

"Bless the food before us, the family beside us 
and the love between us."- Anonymous

Our dinner table was set with creme embossed damask linens, soft pink silk napkins, gold ware, gold rimmed glasses and vintage china. I provided the gold mercury glass votives (lit with flickering led votives). 

For the table I chose a ten foot long Silver Dollar and Seeded Eucalyptus garland.
Linda (my fantabulous florist) hand weaved sprigs of Yarrow, White Caspian, purple wildflowers 
and pink, creme and green Hypericon Berries.

The place settings: gold-ware, with seating cards for each guest, wrapped in straw-twine, sitting atop pale pink silk napkins. 

Beth lent us two gorgeous bride & groom crystal champagne coupe glasses 
and an antique crystal cake stand - perfect.

We served Lobster Seafood Bouillabaisse (Yum!). 
Mr. G's mother made our 'wedding cake:' Lemon Bundt with fresh strawberries (Delish!)

Every moment, every detail of Twenty was perfect. Not because of the amazing flowers, the silk Chinese parasols, my spectacular dress, the soft beautiful rain, the never ending impossibly blue sky, the decadent food or tasty cocktails.

Being with the people you love, and the people who love you, is the greatest blessing...

It was perfect because our beloved children were our wedding party and got to witness their parents reaffirm their commitment and love for/to each other. It was perfect because Mr. G and my mothers were there. It was perfect because our dearest friends bore witness, then boogied the night away with us. It was perfect because every nook and cranny of the day was filled, to overflowing, with pure unadultuarted love. Mr. G and I will forever be humbly grateful. Oui, Twenty was a most excellent day.

The Village People:
Event Planner: Beth - Classic Catering (MajorDomo, staff, food and all rentals:)
Flowers: Linda - City Flowers
Photography: Monika Caban, Jess Carr and Me ;-}
Most Valuable Players: Denise Laurin, Jess & Patti Carr, Matt & Neal Kunkoff

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