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Saturday, June 30, 2012

An Addendum - A Photographer's Kit (Camera Bags)

"A very subtle difference can make the picture or not."
- Annie Leibovitz

Sometimes I feel like my voice is lost in the wind. I've only 'officially' got 17 followers to my little blog that could. Though I adore and really appreciate my followers I admit that my 'modest' follower count can get a diva-blogger down, a little. Recently, however, I've learned that I have a few dozen 'unoffical' followers (come on ya'll, sign up!). Well, a few weeks ago, one of my unofficial followers - Vonnie -convo'd me:

"Hi there!
I just stumbled onto your blog & love it (definitely adding it to my feeds!). I also have the Ginger bag [but] I really miss having a smaller, thinner bag for running around with..."

Ginger in the foreground, Lyric in the background

Vonnie put into words my own experience(s) with my beloved Epiphanie camera bags - I have a 'Ginger' and a 'Lyric.' They're gorgeous, well made (crazy durable), and have an amazing re-arrangable cushioned interior, that perfectly protects your camera and lens(es) and, best of all, there's plenty of room left over for your Diva-essentials. Yes, they are expensive, but worth every cent! However they are also too large and bulky for everyday use. Yes, they're perfect for when I'm on the job, but sometimes a girl just wants to throw her camera in a small bag and go - especially for photographers (like me) who take their 'big girl' camera practically everywhere.  

Working a Paris shoot with 'Ginger' and Coco ;-}

While I had been casually looking for a solution to my quandry - a protective, simple, and practical way to carry my camera (+a telephoto lens) with me (daily) in a 'slim' lightweight bag, Vonnie's comment inspired me. Happily, it didnt' take me too long to find the perfect solution:

The "DSLR Camera Cozy Tote"  $30 by TJ Camera Accessories

Interior view

I already have several of Tracy's camera lens bags, so I can attest to their superior craftsmanship and superior quality. So, I began my seach in her shop - turned out that the first search was the charm. After several requests, Tracy has created a 'casual' protective camera tote that neatly fits inside whatever bag or large-ish purse you choose (Amy, this would be perfect for your new French Market Tote ;-} Forewarning: these totes are not intended to replace your proper sturdy on-the-job camera bag (Epiphanie, et. al.) I've just ordered my Camera Cozy Tote and, once I've road tested it, I'll give a full review.

Okay people, get to shooting! And keep letting me know how it's going. You know that I love to hear from you!

*Several of my readers have asked me why I use this photo as the 'lead' for my 'Photography' section. In explanation, I've enlarged it as much as possible. Taken in Paris (of course ;-} , in the right topside of this photo you can see a reflection of me taking this photo - see my black camera? I think that this photo best represents all photographers in action. Work!

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!



  1. Baby,

    You are never lost in the wind. You are a breath of fresh air. You are the sweetest girl ever (that says a lot if you know our daughter Sage). I love your blog as i'm sure your other followers do. Keep it up and it will pay off one day.....

    Love you,

    Your man.....

    1. Mr. Gorgeous,

      As always you have the power, in your pinky finger, to simply make me...melt.


  2. another unofficial follower :-)

    I found your blog through zeole.com in Paris

    1. Hi Kid,

      So nice to meet you! And from Paris - oh la la ;-} I'm returing to Paris in a few months and I can't wait to come 'home.' Looking forward to hearing from you in the future. Be well.




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