"Those who have experienced Paris have advantage over those who have not. We are the ones who have glimpsed a little bit of heaven, down here on earth." - Deirdre Kelly

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Like A Song...


"It's been said and done.
Every beautiful thought's been already sung.
So your melody will play on and on...
You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible."
- Love You Like a Love Song,
Antonia Armato & Tim James (2011)

One afternoon as I was scheming and plotting my next trip to Paris, I had an inspiration - to bring a little bit of Paris to the states in honor of my daughter's birthday - a Ladies Luncheon Parisienne...

I don't think that I can adequately describe in mere words (in English or French) how amazing it is to experience Paris with my children, especially my daughter Sage. It's a heady honor to expose her to and share my beloved Paris with her - much like my mother did, so many years ago.

We've begun planning our annual late summer family trip to Paris. And this year, Sage is joining my mother and I in all the planning - she's got some wonderful ideas ;-) As you know, Sage's birthday is in February. One afternoon as we were sitting at our kitchen table scheming and plotting for Paris, I had an inspiration - to bring a little bit of Paris to the states in honor of Sage's birthday - a Ladies Luncheon Parisienne...

Sage's Paris Ladies luncheon invitation (frontside)
Sage's Paris Ladies luncheon invitation (backside)

I invited all of the Ladies in my family - all of the women who have positively influenced and supported me throughout my life. While they know and adore Sage and the boys, I wanted to encourage them and Sage to begin to have their own distinct Diva-friendships - like my mother did for me with these same Ladies when I was a young girl - an 'official' coming out party. 

Of course we had to have it at our favorite State's side French restaurant - Mon Ami Gabi. Next I contacted my fabulous trusty artist-designer girlfriend extraordinaire, Kim, to create the invitations (see above). Finally, I called a local florist that I've had my eye on (beautiful Parisian-inspired arrangements) and sent them my Paris-garden inspired photo. The theme for the afternoon? Springtime in the gardens of the Tuileries - sigh...

Being at Mon Ami Gabi feels like Paris.
The light streaming in through the French doors - glorious!

All I had to do was add flowers.
The restaurant staff added the candles - lovely.

Roses, Hydrangeas, Freesia, and Eucalyptus.

The rose petals strewn on the table was the florist Allison's idea. Yeah, she's my florist from now on!

Although it's winter in the Midwest,
for that afternoon, it was Springtime in Paris!

Champagne Punch for the Ladies
The pitcher on the white saucer is sans Champagne -
for the birthday girl ;-)

A menu inspired by Paris.

Sage with her GodMamma - Erika

Sage with my GodMamma - Anita

Sage with the lovely LaDonna

Sage with Peggy - my 'other' mother (Erika's mom)

Opening a Tiffany's gift from LaDonna
Yeah, my Lady-mentors are that kind of Diva

Sage with her GrandMamma

Marie Antoinette had it all wrong.
Who wants cake when you can have Profiteroles?!

Sage - simply...DIVINE in her Paris party dress

During the entire party Sage glowed. She loved being surrounded by the women who love her. And all I could do was sit back, watch, and revel in her happiness - now I know how my mother feels when she looks at me. We ate, sipped, laughed and talked. We told old stories and made new memories. The afternoon was magical, fun, elegant and decadent.

The only downside was that my darling Denise, Mimi and Patricia weren't there. I guess that means that we'll just have to do it again...in Paris!

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!


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  1. What a marvelous party. Sage looks so pretty in her dress. You ladies knowhow to do it! Wish I could have been there to help celebrate too.
    Happy Birthday Sage!


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