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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Show & Tell Friday: Boites Livre

"The best place to hide something is where everyone can see it."
- Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1943)
Mr. Holmes hides the plans to a new anti-Nazi bombsite
in a hollowed out volume of Shakesphere.

When I was a kid, I loved reading teen detective novels: Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, The Hardy Boys, etc. The formula for these series was the same: a small close-knit group of teenagers; had fabulous adventures while foiling the nefarious schemes of some pretty serious bad guys (Nazi spies, Russian spies, smugglers, thieves, bank robbers...) - all under the unsuspecting noses of all of the adults around them.

There was always a secret door, or a secret passage, or a secret key, or a secret compartment, or a some super-secret papers hidden in a hollowed-out book. I guess that's where my love of book boxes came from. Still I did not actually own one until recently. I was in my local arts & crafts store (stocking up on supplies) when I saw a display of these book boxes.

Poems: Antiques et Modernes
Alfred de Vigny - Paris

They came in two sizes: large (13x9) and medium (10.5x6.5). A set of two - on sale ;-) - were $15. But what really sold me was the quality. The book boxes are made out of plywood, covered in distressed burlap (maybe cotton fabric?) and there's a different distressed piece of parchment on each cover - very Old World and very pretty.

It would be fun to say that I've hidden in them a super secret set of sensitive documents, from my latest espionage caper. But my book boxes hold something much more precious to me - the cards, letters and Emails given to me by my students over the years. Les documents les plus precieux, oui? Yes, the most precious papers...

Boites Livre (Book Boxes)

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