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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ecouter (Listen) ~ Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke

As you know I love music, especially great singers. Recently, I stumbled across a singer of extraordinary talent...

Alexandra Burke - Overcome

I love music, especially great singers. Thus, I'm a huge fan of tv music shows: Sing Off, The Voice sounds promising (still got to check it out), and American Idol - until 2009, when the fantabulous Adam Lambert came in at 2nd place (second place! WTF? - excuse the profane acronym, but I'm emotional about it). Even after what I thought was an obviously stupid result, I've contined to watch American Idol; or so I've tried. I didn't make it halfway through the 2010 season and the current 2011 series completely lost me by the 3rd week. But there's a ray of sunlight on the horizen.

Alexandra Burke - X Factor

Nearly 2 weeks ago, I wrote a post about Leona Lewis - who I was surprised to learn was the 2005 winner of X Factor (the British version of American Idol). Since I'd never heard of the show, I logged on to my trusty YouTube to take a look at this X Factor. It didn't take me long to discover Alexandra Burke - the 2010 winner of the X Factor. Now I know that I primarily post about things Parisian, but after hearing this young lady blow there was no helping it; I have to give a British SistahDiva her due. I don't want to give any spoilers, you've got to listen to her for yourself - you've GOT to. You won't be sorry ! What do you think?

            "The Silence"

"Bad Boys"

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!


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