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Friday, February 12, 2016

amour rouge: finishing touch

"Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life."
- Leo Buscaglia

You've got the major stuff covered: flowers (yes, gents deserve flowers too ;-} a card or, better yet, a handwritten love note; reservations at a romantic restaurant; an after hours jazz club (slow dancing with your love) and of course something fabulous to wear. Valentine's Day is all about the color red  but you don't want to over do it. How about wearing this gorgeous color as a finishing touch? 

Finding the perfect finishing touch presents a unique challenge to a French Girl's Wardrobe: something(s) unusual, but gorgeous; a bit decadent but elegant; a teeny bit practical, yet still carefree, fun and vibrant; not too expensive and easy to find at the last moment. No worries mes lovelies, I've got you. It's all in the details...

I usually lament the ubiquity of shopping malls but, in this case, I'll make an exception. Each item on my last minute Valentine's list is readily available at your local shopping mall and/or local store.

"Fashion is architecture; it is a matter of proportions." 
- Coco Chanel

#8 Pirate 
Le Vernis Nail Polish, $28 - Chanel

Love, Love, LOVE Chanel! For 107 years Chanel cosmetics has been serving the most beautiful, high quality, vibrant, pure pigments. This true red will look fantastic!

#14 Framboise
Juicy Tubes Lipgloss, $19 - Lancome

Ya'll know I'm a big fan of a 'naked face' - flawless face, super sooty lashes, softly defined eyebrows, faintly blushing cheeks, and pouting red stained lips - perfect for any occasion. But for Valentine's Day I'm really feeling a richly tinted lipgloss slicked over a nude lipliner. Lancome's Juicy Tube line is my absolute favorite: it comes in a gazillion shades, is super glossy, is flavorless, takes a long time to wear off (even when sipping and eating) and you can kiss freely and often and not leave your lipgloss all over your lover's face. 

*dab a tiny bit of your favorite red lipstick on your cheeks.

Red Velvet & Organza Flowers
$12.50, Mary Not Martha

You can find inexpensive yet elegant red fabric flowers at any artists supply store. Pin them to your coat, your purse, the wrist bands of your gloves, or pin them in your hair. 
Et voila, instant Valentines!

Ruinart Brut Rose, $75
Yes this is a serious splurge, but you are so worth it.

Mr. G and I are serious foodies. Doesn't matter the region of the world we love it all - as long as it's not too fussy, overblown, overpriced cuisine. One of our favorite types of restaurants is the b.y.o.b. (bring your own booze). These types of restaurants are usually small and cozy, and serves excellent food. Low key, sweetly romantic and you should be able to get a last minute reservation. Yelp your local b.y.o.b., stop at the grocery for flowers and candles for your table, then at a wine shop on your way. Doesn't matter what's on the menu, pink champagne goes with everything

Janey Multicolor Fashion Readers
$20-$30, Barns and Nobles

Just because my 40-something year old eyes need help reading the menu (even with contacts, le sigh) doesn't mean I can't look fabulous while I'm squinting at the list of specials. I found these beauties at my local Barnes and Nobles (from a selection of nearly two dozen styles). I bought a second pair and had my prescription put in them. Rock your style on Valentine's Day and everyday.

"Real elegance is everywhere, 
especially in the things we don't show."
- Christian Dior

The Chanel Chance line  
Eau: Original, Fraiche, Tendre, et Vive 

Chanel's Chance perfume line is my absolute favorite. Yes, $78 for 1.7 ounces is a major splurge, but if you go to a major department store the ladies at the Chanel counter always have good sized spray samples gratuitement. 

Dream Angel in Red Boheme Lace
Bra:$45.50, Panty:$16.50 - Victoria's Secret
Yes it's a splurge, but your lover is so worth it. 

Your body is beautiful precisely because of it's imperfections. Your lover knows it, loves it, wants it. So, yeah, wear that red lace!

In the end, Valentine's Day is all about celebrating the love you two share. I wish you joy of it!

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!


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