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Friday, February 13, 2015

Amour Rouge - Unique pieces for a French Girl's Wardrobe...

I love Valentine's Day. 
It's all about love, romance, passion, and sensuality; 
the utterly feminine and masculine; all represented by 
my favorite color - red, Red, RED!

Valentine's day is only a few hours away. I'm sure that you've already made your plans with your love, have carefully chosen what you're going to wear. But a girl can never have too many one of a kind, unique and fabulous go-to pieces...

I'm loving these red coral and red wooden seed bead Tribal Chandelier Earrings from Kapka Designs  ($30, and they're on sale ;-} Of course you could opt for pure Diva bling...

Red Bling Earrings by KarlaJo Photo ($15)

You know that I love the look and feel of a healthy glowing 'Naked' face. And the perfect compliant to this oh so flattering look for we femmes d'un certain age is a great red lipstick.

'Gabrielle' Rouge Coco by the incomperable Chanel ($36)

'Follie Strauss - Hermatite' by Christian Louboutin
The body is a soft blush mesh scattered with crystals
and that signature inner red stiletto heel - ooh la la!

'Pensamoi' by Christian Louboutin
Crepe, Satin, Flowers encrusted with Crystals, Hot Pink
Need I say more? Yeah, I thought not.

I'm not going to list their prices - why ruin the fantasy with reality? Who needs or wants the buzz kill? Needless to say, these shoes are a serious splurge! Still, what's more splurge worthy than a pair of fantabulous shoes? Sigh...

'Red Silk Clutch' with ruffle flower. 
Handmade by Simply Clutch ($70)

Perfectly fits a cell phone, refillable loose powder compact, 
a lipstick that doubles as blush, a $50 dollar bill and emergency credit card ;-}

Red Cashmere & Silk Pashmina by Rosa Shawls ($25)
Chic, comfortable, unique, feminine, gorgeous.

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!


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  1. Une femme heureuse. le rouge est plus à la mode aux Usa qu'en France. Très peu de femmes ici en portent.


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