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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cha-cha-cha Changes

Large bracelet tiles in the raw - Smile Moon

"Time may change me. But I can't trace time." 
- Changes, David Bowie

For the last six months I've been searching, in vain, for the large bamboo tiles I use to create my large cuff bracelets. I've looked high and low, far and wide and still no joy :-{ Necessity forced me to regroup. So, against my will, I had to think 'outside the box' for a new supply venue. And while I had no idea what I would discover, I did know exactly where to start - Etsy of course. 

Instead of searching for pre-made tiles, I looked for a wood worker who would be willing to create my tiles to my specifications. That's how I met Jeffery, owner and sole artistan of - Smile Moon - Creative Woodcrafts. I contacted Jeffery, told him a little about myself and what I needed. To my surprise (and frankly shock), he's heard of me. He told me that he'd be happy to work with me. I gave him my specifications and a few days later a package filled with my new tiles arrived.

I tore open the package - the tiles were gorgeous. But the measurement(s) were slightly off (thinner and taller) than the bamboo tiles I regularly use. My fault entirely, I measured as exactly as I could but I was still a bit off (no surprise). Still, I was totally digging these tiles. Jeffery makes his domino tiles from Maple and I was happy to discover that the Maple tiles were much lighter than Bamboo. And it looked like the new dimensions were actually a better wrist-fit. And I was not sure if the raw wood would hold my images and paint. The only way to be sure was to make a bracelet. But before I could make an experimental bracelet, I received an order. So I was feeling pretty stressed out about this new venture...

I set out my materials and got to work.

The initial results were better than I expected - excellent actually. My paper templates and paint adhered to the raw Maple magnificently - yay! After I finished my multi-step curing process, it was time to string and bling...

I love the result(s). Jeffery was wonderful to work with and the quality and care he put into each little tile is amazing. And I think that my bracelets are even more lovely as a result. Thank you Jeffery ;-} Circumstance forced me to step outside of my boundaries and the end result is that I've not only made design leap forward for my Temple Designs bracelets - Jeffery's work and openess to experiment has inspired my creative muse. But the best part? I made a new friend along the way.  Yeah, change is good.

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!



  1. Temple,

    I really enjoyed seeing your process in this post, as well as your positive outlook on the opportunity change brings.

    Lots of love,



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