"Those who have experienced Paris have advantage over those who have not. We are the ones who have glimpsed a little bit of heaven, down here on earth." - Deirdre Kelly

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

"when understanding breeds love and brotherhood."

The Louvre - during the German occupation (1940)

"Surely the day will come when colour
means nothing more than the skin tone,
when religion is seen uniquely as a way to speak
one's soul; when birth places have the weight of a throw of the dice, and all men are born free, when understanding breeds love and brotherhood."
- Josephine Baker

Today, as I was working on a research project about Josephine Baker's involvement in the French Resistance, during World War II, I came across this fascinating photo exhibit (original exhibition: Paris Historical Library, 2008). It's beautiful, haunting and terrifying...

rue de Rivoli - during the occupation

While on this day we celebrate the independence of our country, I think that this day should also remind us that so many came before us, after us, and many more continue to struggle for their independence. Thus on this day, especially, I stand with all of those who endeavor. Freedom isn't free. The struggle is long, hard, treacherous, and often deadly. But, in the end, I believe that Dr. King said it best: "...the arc of the moral universe is long but bends towards justice."

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!


Jardin des Tuileries 21st Siecle (21st century)
avec rue de Rivoli et Musee du Louvre (in the background) 


  1. Les USA sionistes sont bien plus dangereux que le nazisme, ma chérie.

    1. Je pense que vous avez manque le point de ce poste. Lire la citation Mme Baker de nouveau.


  2. Je l'ai lu, Temple, je ne suis pas d'accord avec Baker ...certains ne veulent plus de racines, pas moi, je crois aux racines...la différence fait des richesses, pas le nivellement ! Et la direction sioniste que prennent l'Europe et les Usa (+ israêl) est très dangereuse pour le monde...


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