"Those who have experienced Paris have advantage over those who have not. We are the ones who have glimpsed a little bit of heaven, down here on earth." - Deirdre Kelly

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ma Mere Divine

"There are only two places in the world
where we can live happy; at home and in Paris."
- Ernest Hemingway

I had planned this for years and the moment had finally arrived. I was finally going to photograph my beloved Paris, in all the ways I had wanted, in all the ways I had dreamed. My 2009 trip to Paris was the beginning of a new chapter in my life - here was my chance to let my artist run free.

Of course Paris did not dissapoint. Inspiration was/is to be found down every rue, in parks, museums, the Seine, the people, the food - everywhere. What I did not expect was to be especially inspired by the combination of Paris and ma mere divine...

Ma mere divine at Jardin des Tuileries (2010)

It was early during that trip that I noticed that the joy, wonder, and comfort I feel when in Paris is perfectly reflected in my mother's lovely face. Like me, when Dorothy is in Paris she's home.

Ma mere divine - Musee Rodin (2009)

There's something powerful and poignant about photographing my mother in Paris. She's the perfect model Parisienne; a natural, a gift.

Ma mere divine - Pain et Chocolat
(see my earlier posts about this magical spot: #1 & #2 

I found that photographing Dorothy in Paris gave my photos an added depth, an elegant texture.

I don't think that ma mere even saw me or the camera.
Her face, her body language, were always relaxed - serene.

Ma mere et mes enfants @ Galignani (2011)

I was especially moved when photographing ma mere with my children. For hours, my children walked by her side, listening to her quiet voice - as she told them the history of this or that thing or place. They were as captivated as I...

@ Charles DeGaulle Airport (2011)

Ma mere divine @ Jardin des Tuileries (2011)

Ma mere divine @ Le Cafe du Musee Rodin (2011)

Today (Sunday, 18 March) is my mother's birthday. Every year, the one gift she's wanted (and has never asked for) is to return to her beloved Paris. One of the greatest pleasures of my life has been to be able to fulfill that wish and, for as long as I can, I will. She deserves no less, and so much more. Yes, I'm taking her back in September and I can't wait. For, besides the joy that it brings her and me, Paris is most beautiful when she is wandering its splendor and she is in my viewfinder. In the meantime, this post is dedicated to ma mere divine and the city that sets her soul afire and her spirit free. Happy Birthday Mommy...

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!


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