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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Walk-in: further Adventures in design wonk and fripperies

"Forget the floor plans. Arrange the furniture where it is the most comfortable and look best."- Albert Hadley

I still have not 'broken ground' on my walk-in closet project. I knew that it was over ambitious to plan on a 15 January end date - sigh. So, while things are moving at a snail's pace, things are moving...


The frame for my room divider

In my first post, I focused on my overall design for my dream walk-in closet. The first question to answer was: how to separate my bedroom into two spaces. My solution: a custom designed, handmade room divider (FLPN Furniture).

The second question was: how to redesign my original closet to maximize its storage capacity and seamlessly incorporate it out into the 'new' room. What I didn't realize from the outset, however, was that this redesign would become the heart of my walk-in closet...

I basically had two options: buy a closet system and have it installed (by Sal, handyman extraordinaire) or opt for professional help. My criterion for my decision making was - cost, execution, and ease. After careful consideration, I decided to go with California Closets. The cost differential is minimal, the execution and ease factors far outweighed door number one.

So, I went to California Closets' website, found the location nearest my home, called and set up an appointment. The next day, a lovely young lady - Jenn - came to my home; armed with a laptop and a big ass tape measure ;-)

After about 5 minutes of conversation, I knew that I had made the correct choice. Jenn is not only a sales person, she is also a design consultant - woo hoo! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to work with someone who knows what they're doing (technically and construction wise) and that has a designer's vision and sensibilities.

"Bird's Eye View" - Jenn's 3D rendering of my design. It is so amazing to see my dream/design come to life!

Jenn measured every inch of my space, let me know where my design worked and, most importantly, where it did not. Happily, there was only one flaw in my original design. Two chests-of-drawers simply will not fit - not if I'm also going to incorporate my gorgeous vintage armoire into the space (and I so am).

But I was still stubbornly holding out hope, until Jenn sent me 3D renderings she made of my space (with and without two chests of drawers)...

This 3D rendering is a teeny bit off - the chest-of-drawers will be built to the right of the original closet, not slightly in front of one side, as seen in here. But you get the idea. 

Jenn's detailed design of my chest-of-drawers

So, I lost one chest of drawers (sigh). But the good news is that I can always add that second chest-of-drawers later. But here's the best part of having a professional designer consultant - details honey, the details!

The first thing that Jenn asked me was what did I want my walk-in closet to do for me. That was the theme for every moment of our 1st session. Thus, when we got to talking nitty-gritty about the actual chest-of-drawers (after we determined the position, size and depth of the piece), we discussed at length the use of each drawer.

Jenn suggested that I use a combination 'jewelry' (very shallow) and lingere (shallow) drawers for my culottes et soutiens-gorge (doesn't panties and bras sound more oh so femme in French?).

Next, a combination of semi-deep and one very deep drawer(s) - to maximize, to the enth degree, my storage capacity. Of course, we paid the same minute attention to storage detail in the original closet space as well. See what I mean about the fantabulosity that is Jenn?    

Left hand side of the original closet

But what should I do with that space? Right now, I'm thinking that I should just leave the shelves, add some large baskets, and use it to store my bags and scarves. Should I just leave that space 'blank,' utilize it for much needed storage space, or just let it percolate? What say you? I so need the input ;-)

Original Closet's doors


These standard doors have been in my bedroom for 20+ years, time for them to go! I want a softer, more feminine, grander, French inspired closure for the original closet. Also, the new 'door' will incorporate my original closet into my walk-in closet. I've been doing a lot of online browsing, and I think that I've found the answer...

Burlap Fringed Curtains
Pottery Barn ($140 for two large panels)

"Antique Gold" Fleur di Lis Curtain Rod
(Ebay, $30)

Silver Empire mini crystal chandelier
Gallery 802 - $100

I'm still lovin' this lamp to sit atop the chest-of-drawers

And a canvas of this print, on the wall above the lamp.

Of course, I reserve the right to change my Diva-mind. I've got the feeling that, once construction begins and my design begins to take real shape and form, my 'frippery' selections will change.

Next up: Enfin!

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!


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