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Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Reading Traveller

"Travel" 8x8 fine art photograph ($25)

"A Traveller. I love this title.
A traveller is to be reverenced as such.
[Her] profession is the best symbol of our life.
Going from...toward; it is the history of us.
It is a great art to saunter."
- Henry David Thoreau

After years of faithful service, my Sony ereader pooped out on me :-( The good news? The next generation of Sony ereaders is even better!

As you know I'm an avid traveller - though admitedly I'm not able to travel as often, far and wide as I'd like. I love every aspect of travel - from the planning to the flight home. So much so, I blogged a 5 part series about it (start here). Many think that the suitcase is a traveller's most important item, but it's not. No, a traveller's most important item is their carry-on bag - and what you fill it with (see my post about a traveller's essentials here).

One of my most important carry-on items is my beloved electronic e-book reader. After years of faithful service, my Sony ereader pooped out on me :-( The good news? The next generation of Sony ereaders is even better!

The Sony PRS T1 ($99 @ Sony.com)
They come in Black, White, or Red

Sony's T1 is WiFi, has a touch screen, a greater storage capacity, is feather light, offers crystal clear book pages, and has a very long battery life. Since it's WiFi, as long as you get a signal, you can log onto the Sony-Store, buy and upload books, newspapers and magazines from wherever, whenever. Since it's Sony, as opposed to an Amazon (Kindle) or a Barnes & Nobles (Nook) ereaders, you're not limited to only buying Sony's Store's content (it uploads PDF and a whole other host of files). The possibilities are endless. 

Better yet, the price has dropped from @$300 to $99. Sony also has a great permenant offer - $50 credit towards your new reader if you turn in your old one. Yep, I got my new reader for $49! I've been using it for a week+ now and I love it (just be sure to get an AC wall adapter too, $25).

Handmade Ereader Cover ($28)
The ereader attaches via four strips of velcro
- surprisingly very secure.

Like your notebook, cell phone, iPad, etc., your ereader requires a protective case/cover. Sony sells a plain faux-leather one for $50 (ouch). But on Etsy, several artisans are offering the most innovative and gorgeous handmade ereader covers. Linda (Cover 2 Cover) creates ereader covers that look like hardcover books. I got mine with this fabulous vintage Eiffel Tower print (Sage liked it so much, I ordered a 2nd one for her ereader).

Hardy Boys Ereader Cover ($25)

RetroGrandma hollows out vintage books and converts them into ereader covers (among other things). The tight elastic bands securely keep your ereader safe from harm.  Rory chose this Hardy Boys classic for his ereader.

Mighty Bright Travel Flex Booklight ($10)

These booklights are amazing. Super slim and light, take two AAA batteries (really long battery life), nice and bright directed light. They also come in several colors (Sage's is Hot Pink ;-) Just clip it onto the spine of your ereader hardcover case and you're good to go. I actually use two - one for my ereader and I keep the other clipped on the inside of my purse or school bag - yes, like most women, my bags tend to be black cavernous pits and this light really comes in handy!

Of course your ereader is for everyday, not just for when you travel. As an avid reader, I love having dozens of books, newspapers, and magazines in my purse - all in a neat, pretty little package.  Okay, my job here is done. Now get to reading!

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!


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