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Friday, January 27, 2012

Paris Playlist #8: Blue-Eyed Soul

"Nothing can cure the soul but the senses,
just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul."
- Oscar Wilde

Soul Music is a musical genre characterized by deep rhythms, a driving beat, and spontaneous movement - Soul Music reaches into the very heart of the performer and the audience, stirs the senses, touches the soul. 

21st century Blue-Eyed Soul

Generally, it's a 'popular' combination of gospel music and rhythm and blues. But all three of these genres (together and distinct) eminate from one place - the experience(s) of enslaved African Americans. 

You'd think that being the musical child of such a horrific era would mean that Soul music would reflect the worst parts of that era. But here's the thing - Soul Music does the opposite; for it eminates from love, hopes and dreams, and draws its power from the best of humanity.

Basically, Blue-Eyed Soul Music is Soul Music performed by white artists. While the term has always generated some controversy, in the American Black community - it is a high honor indeed to be called a 'Blue-Eyed Soul Brother' or 'Blue-Eyed Soul Sista.'

Gender bending Blue-Eyed Soul

For to be a Blue-Eyed Soul Brother or Sista is to transcend race, national borders, and all of the negative bullshit baggage/aspect of 'color consciousness.' Oui, it's all about the groove and feeling good.

Oh, and the Hottie in the video is his wife ;-)

Blue-Eyed Soul was a constant in my girlhood bi-racial household. And I've made it a point to make it a constant in my own adult multi-racial household - oui, another gift from being a 3rd Culture Kid...

So, for my Paris Playlist #8, here's some Blue-Eyed Soul - yeah!Eu

Rolling in the Deep - ADELE
Sara Smile - Hall & Oates
Cry - Rick Astley
Time (Clock of the Heart) - Culture Club
Lost Without U - Robin Thicke 
Something Real - Pheobe Snow
One More Try - George Michael
Reminiscing - Little River Band (my mom and dad's theme song)
Holding Back the Years - Simply Red
You Belong to Me - Michael McDonald
You Can't Deny It - Lisa Stansfield
How Much I Feel - Ambrosia
This City Never Sleeps (Eurythmics)
Nick of Time - Bonnie Raitt

As per usual, all of these songs are available on iTunes. In the meantime, here's a little inspiration:

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!


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