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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Plan for the New Year

2012 Dayplanner, custom made ($50) by Repaper

"My wife's jealousy is getting ridiculous. The other day she looked at my calendar and asked me who May was."  - Rodney Dangerfield

It's that time of year again - time to get next year's day planner.

*Updated 8 February 2012 (see the end of this post)...

I have my beloved leather day planner, from my days at university. But I have not used it for years because it's simply too big/bulky. Now that I no longer have to carry a huge bag - filled with school necessities, or filled with essentials for three children - I've seriously streamlined my day bag.

I even gave up carrying a planner for 2011 - big mistake. As a Diva working mom of three, I desperately need a way to keep track of 5 different schedules. I thought that I'd use my trusty Palm Pre, but I'm a writer not a techie-app girl. So I've decided to get a planner for 2012 - turning over a new leaf and all that. But I truly dislike the traditional planners on the market - too busy, too many lines, too sterile, not enough Diva. I want a planner that looks exactly the way I want (inside and out) - thank Goddess for Etsy! After looking at 1,500 different versions, I've narrowed it down to three. Along the way, I also found some truly beautiful, yet practical, planners - and you know that I've just got to share the love...

First, the three planners in contention, help me choose:

2012 Dayplanner ($50); size 9"x6" - Repaper

Sara's attention to detail is outstanding - check out the Belgian binding (above) wow. Another thing I really like is that she will work with you on every aspect of your customized planner. I'm especially fond of her Vanver planner - my name for it (also, see above). 'My' apartment is on the street to the far right leg of the Eiffel Tower ;-)  Love the font and unlined writing space (see below). Sara's custom made planners are elegant, timeless and uncomplicated - gorgeous!

Customized Planner ($42) from Emma Rose and Me

There are several things I like about Jeni Marie's planner: handmade cover to cover; wonderful attention to detail; love the Paris-esque cover, a glitter-letter T on the cover;  the size (7x9); the individual date 'blocks' are large enough and unlined - I also like how she's neatly divided the day's sections into: work, appointments, school, and events - an uncomplicated and elegant way of keeping oneself organized. I also really like that you can choose designs from her other planners and journals and apply them to the one you're ordering. I'm leaning towards this one ;-)

French Elegance ($10) by Cat Vady

Catalina handmakes and personally customizes each journal (yeah, that's the overarching theme here). Other things I love: the Paris theme (of course); the front and back covers are layered/3-D colorful and romantic design (note the tiny gem pasted at the top of the Eiffel Tower); your name is stenciled on the cover; she'll add a quote of your choice (the above photo is the 'quote' she put in the planner she made for her mother - LOVE that).

All three of these planners are perfect for me! See how hard this is? Help!

But, during my Etsy-research, I discovered some truly amazing planners that may not work for me, but I think you'll like...

Chalkboard Calendar Vinyl Wall Decal ($40)

Okay, how fun is this?! I'm really digging this chalkboard wall decal calendar. 36"x24," all you need to do is afix it, use a damp rag and a box of chalk (multi-colored of course) and you're good to go. Also, the kids will go gaga ;-)

Nancy Drew Date Book ($35)

This planner actually comes as a kit - you've got to put it together yourself; and the writing space is too small for me (which is why it didn't make the short list). Still, it is refillable and undeniably gorgeous. And it appeals to the voracious reader in me and my inner little girl. I love this journal so much I may get it anyway - Sage would love it. A stocking stuffer? Hmmm.

Vintage Art Deco Flapper Calendar Bookmarks ($9)

Speaking of stocking stuffers, I think that these calendar bookmarks would be perfect for that - the price is oh so right; and they're gorgeous and practical. They'd also make the perfect hostess gift, for all of those holiday parties you'll be attending ;-) And Julie makes marvelous custom business cards with the same Art Deco theme.

The day planners here are just a taste of my favorites. To see my full list, visit my Etsy-Treasury: 2012.

*Update: And my final choice was, drumroll please...

#2 - the customized planner from Emma Rose & Me

Jeni Marie was wonderful to work with; easily incorporating my personal choices into her design

My 1st initial, in red glitter of course ;-)

My favorite inspirational quotes
on the back of the front cover

Meticulous attention to detail

I use my planner everyday 
I don't know how I managed without it
The pink Eiffel Tower paper clips
a gift from a student ;-)

All in all, my experience was A+ - I got exactly what I wanted and the quality of the finished product is excellent. Also, I really like the idea of being able to create a new planner every year...

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!


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