"Those who have experienced Paris have advantage over those who have not. We are the ones who have glimpsed a little bit of heaven, down here on earth." - Deirdre Kelly

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Little Romance

Jardin des Tuileries, 2009

"...but I do know this: something that two people who are in love create together, against impossible odds, can hold them together...forever." - Julius (Laurance Olivier)
A Little Romance

The other day I received an @mail telling me that my above photo has been featured in an Etsy-Treasury dedicated to the 1979 film A Little Romance - probably one of the most romantic movies ever made. Along with DivaA Little Romance - is one of the most gorgeous visual hommages to Paris (and Europe). 

"Young Love" 8x10 fine art photograph, $30 

Just as gorgeous, maybe more, is the story line. Lauren (Diane Lane, in her first film) is a 13 year old American girl living in Paris, who meets and falls in love with Daniel (Thelonious Bernard), a local French boy. As their relationship develops they befriend a courtly gentleman, who also happens to be a pick pocket - Julius (the great Laurance Olivier). Of course, all sorts of innocent young love naughtiness ensues ;-) When Lauren's mother finds out she attempts to break the young lovers apart - which doesn't work, of course.

"Ponte de Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs)"
Fine art photograph (8x10, $25)

When Lauren learns that she is to return to the U.S., the young lovers (with Julius as their guide) runaway across Europe. Before she leaves, the two want to ride in a gondola in Venice and kiss beneath the Bridge of Sighs at sunset. Julius tells them that, according to legend, lovers who kiss beneath the bridge at sunset are granted everlasting love - sigh. They travel primarily by train - and the scenes of the views of the French and Italian countryside are breathtaking.

*In 1992, Mr. Gorgeous and I took a train from Rome to Venice, got into a gondola and kissed beneath the Bridge of Sighs at sunset. So I can personally attest that the legend is absolutely 100% true!

"Travel" 8x8 fine art photograph, $25

I first saw this film in 1979. My parents took my sister and I to, the now sadly gone, Esquire Theater in Chicago. I was only a few years younger than the Lauren and Daniel - so you know that the film eloquently spoke to me. Of course I dreamed of having such an adventure, of experiencing such love. And I have, I do.

What I didn't realize, until now, is that A Little Romance, as well as Diva, have indelibly imprinted their gorgeous cinematic vision and style to my photographer's eye and soul. In Paris, or wherever, when I look through my camera's viewfinder I'm sensitive to scale and scope, color and range. But I also look for Jules & Cynthia (Diva) and Lauren & Daniel - for the feelings, emotions these characters evoke. I want every photograph I take to tell a story, to evoke a distinct memory, emotion, and feeling in the individual looking at it. So while I'm honored that Liza chose one of my pieces, for a hommage to such a wonderful film, I also have to thank her for that gift. How did she know?

Of course the young lovers must return to reality. 
The Beloveds must part - get out your hankies...

*All of the fine art photgraphy in this post are available for further view and purchase here.
*A Little Romance (dvd) is available for purchase @Amazon ($10)

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!



  1. Wow... You really are amazing....

    You could never be like anyone else...

    Eternally yours...

  2. Temple, hi -

    I'm really glad my little Treasury touched you. Clearly, we had similar, visceral reactions to this wonderful film. I haven't made the trip to Venice yet, though I did walk down the aisle to the Vivaldi concerto theme music.

    Not all that surprisingly, we have more than the film in common. I'm also a mother of 3, and a lifelong ballet lover (and teacher).


  3. Hi Liza,

    I'm always pleasantly surprised when I 'meet' Paris lovers whose backgrounds are similar to mine - I guess that I shouldn't be, Paris is...Paris, after all ;-)

    But what will never cease to amaze me is the depth and breadth of Paris' transformative power(s). I was not able to fully act on my Paris-love until I was well into my 30s; but there's no denying that 'She' has touched and informed my life, in countless ways, beginning with 'A Little Romance.'

    Alright, oops! you did it again - now I've got to compose a post about this!

    I've just realized that I didn't give you full credit/love in this post - I'll correct that oversight in 3, 2...

    Please keep in touch - I'll do the same ;-)

    Chaque jour est precious,



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