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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sage - Bon Anniversaire!

Sage Kathryn Hills ~ 3 February 2005

8 Years ago today, a wonderful little girl was born - Sage. She came so quickly into this world, 3 hours from the first labor pain to her glorious wailing entrance. Sage was so tiny (6lbs) that for the first few weeks of her life she had to wear premie clothes - that was the last small thing that she's done to date...

Summer 2010

Sage is my little Bohemian - full of laughter and life. She's always ready for the adventure - she revels in it: every scent, taste, and experience. She's fearless and FIERCE!

@ Charles DeGaulle, October 2010

Sage - Tennis Diva!

At an age when most little girls are trying to get along and fit in, Sage is happy to go her own way. She's secure in who she is, knows exactly what she wants to do, speaks her mind, is kind to a fault, but doesn't take sh*t from anyone. Yeah, she's my hero ;-)

Me and My Girl

As I've said before, I never wanted to be a mother. I didn't think that I was mature enough to be responsible for a soul. I didn't want to be mature enough. I was perfectly happy living a life that revolved around what I wanted, when I wanted it - thank you very much! Luckily for me, the man I fell in love with told me that one of the reasons he fell in love with me was because he knew that I would be a wonderful mother, the mother he wanted for his children. He wanted children, and before long I wanted children too - and I'm so glad that I did.

What I've learned since first becoming a mother in 2001 is that (in my case) each of my children equipped me with all that I need to be able to raise happy healthy souls. They gave me patience, kindness, the ability to love phenomenally, resolve, strength, bravery, grace and wisdom. And how did I receive these gifts? From just being with my children. My children gave me all of these attributes as I grew and matured with them - from the moment of their conception, to this very second, and beyond.

And what did Sage give me? She re-inspired my 'little girl-me.' Things that I had long forgotten to take joy in Sage re-gifted to me: fingerpainting, dancing to music in my head, playing with dolls, having tea parties, Trixie Belden mysteries, and ice cream. Sage also became an unexpected source of womahood for me. There's something Goddess-powerful about teaching your daughter to put lip gloss on; there's something Goddess-powerful about watching your daughter totter around in your high-heels; there's something Goddess-powerful about seeing your girl-self in the eys of your daughter; there's something Goddess-powerful about brushing your daughter's hair out and braiding it, every evening before she goes to bed (that's our special daily mommy/daughter time - so precious).

Sage has made me a mother and that made me a better woman. For that, and so much more, I am thankful for her and am so honored and proud to be her mother - happy birthday baby!

Vivre, rire, aimer!

Sage (4 hours old) & Mommy - 3 February 2005

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