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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

O Christmas Tree...

"I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields,
that it kisses them so gently." - Lewis Carroll

Yesterday was our first snowfall of the season. Huge, wet snowflakes painted the trees, fields and roads; in a steady slow motion fall. A Winter Wonderland and it was just gorgeous. 

Of course that also meant the roads would be a mess! But how could we pass up this picture perfect moment in which to get our Christmas tree? The whole family piled into Mr. G's SUV and away we went (at a very slow crawl).

"O Christmas tree. O Christmas tree.
How are thy leaves so verdant?
Not only in the summertime,
but even in winter is thy prime..."
- Ernst Anschutz, 1824

We went to our usual place - the Barn Owl Garden Center - a few miles down the road. We thought we left in plenty of time to get there before close but the roads were truly atrocious. I called ahead. Clark (the owner and Christmas tree wrangler) kindly said he'd stay open for us.

Sage and Never loved Kent, the resident dog.
Coco was not so sure...

Rory wasn't cold, seriously. 
I think all that hair kept him warm ;-}

Dorothy waited snuggly warm in the car.
We all took turns bringing her hot cider and sugar cookies.

We looked at 15 trees before we found the perfect one.


Clark expertly wrangled our tree: 

First, into a nearby shed for a fresh cut and bundling, 
then on top of the car...

When and how did life get so hectic? Each of our three have school, active social lives, and play two sports (that means year 'round). Mr. G is a very busy business man. I'm teaching and pursuing my various artistic endeavors (including this blog). Our five separate schedules are non-stop. I try to cook at least twice a week but there's barely time - gotta eat on the go mostly; oh and sleep is a good thing ;-} The best part is that we do spend most of our time together - nightly homework 'round the kitchen table, sports events, Friday movie night.  I love my life. Our lives. We're all healthy, happy and in love with each other. Most importantly, we like each other. I am truly and fully blessed. But here's the thing...The first snowfall of the season was gorgeous but it also shut my little part of the world down, if only for a day. No sports practice(s), social activities, or jobs to get to. It felt like we were in one of those snow globes - in a world apart. And it was pretty damn fantastic. I truly treasure moments like these.

I'm pleased and proud to say that when we got home, a roasting pan of beef short ribs, on a bed of potatoes and veggies, awaited us (I slid it in the oven just before we left). We sat down for dinner then hauled the tree inside and put her in her honored place. On Wednesday - after work, school and sports - we're going to string lights and decorate the tree and house - a treasured snow globe moment of it's own. Maybe I'll make that Ina Garten Roast Chicken I've been dying to try. 'Tis the season ya'll!

Vivre, Rire, Aimer!

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