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Thursday, December 05, 2013



  1. Mandala n'était pas du tout une si belle personne ! Le masque est une chose, la réalité, une autre !

  2. My friend,
    It is nice to hear from you, it has been too long. I must say, I find it a bunch of short-sighted, cherry picking, immoral and hypocritical bullshit that the people who decry Mandela NEVER EVER say anything about the conditions in which he lived and fought against: the Europeans who invaded South Africa and stole the land from the Black Africans who had lived there for centuries, and/or the horrible, murderous, tortuous Apartheid regime that not only oppressed Black S.Africans but did so via the state, society and religion. The Apartheid regime was an ABOMINATION, literally and figuratively.

    If you want to condemn Mandela then you must also condemn the freedom fighters who fought against the enslavers of Haiti, of the French Revolution, the French Resistance (WWII), etc. Yes, I am deliberately using French/France examples but I could cite similar examples from every continent, every country. Was Mandela an angel? No and nor where the other resistance fighters of history who revolted against oppression.

    The atrocities of the Apartheid regime happened in our lifetime, and we are so fortunate to live in the internet age - so you cannot claim ignorance. So I ask you, if it had been you, your children, your family, your people what would YOU have done? And when you had won, would you have done everything to heal your country as Mandela did?

    Don't talk to me about what kind of man Mandela was when you don't even write the word, let alone discuss the realties of, the horrors of the Apartheid regime.


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