"Those who have experienced Paris have advantage over those who have not. We are the ones who have glimpsed a little bit of heaven, down here on earth." - Deirdre Kelly

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yeah, we've got it bad...

"Jonsing - 
to be in a state of withdrawal and/or need that next fix."

Life is good - so good. 

My children are happy and healthy

Ma mere bien aimee recently celebrated her 84th birthday - she too is healthy and quite spry ;-} 

Mr. Gorgeous is rocking his career - 
20+ years of struggle, dedication and hard work 
are finally coming to fruition.

Coco is her usual fantabulous self ;-}

And I've been doing what I love,
all the things that feed my body and soul.

But it's been nearly two years (EEK!) since we've been to Paris together, and we're jonsing for 'our' city something fierce! The great news is that our plans for our return are in full swing. And this time, the kids are actively participating in planning our itinerary. On the ever growing list: Never is practicing ordering his crepes with his favorite ingredients in fluent French and is determined to ride a pony in Jardin des Tuileries (he slept through it the last time). Sage wants to visit one of Tennis' meccas - Roland Garros, play a set or two against her father and Rory on a public court, and have a girls' day out (shopping and a fancy dejeuner). Rory wants to again play football beneath the Eiffel Tower and have another, this time much longer, Tuk Tuk adventure. And the best part is that I'm going to get to photograph it all ;-} In the meantime, every time we go out for family dinner, the kids' first choice is our favorite State's side French restaurant; their 2nd choice is...any restaurant as long as it's French. 

The kids point out 'local Paris' all of the time.
Sage found this chocolate Eiffel Tower - yum!

When we're sitting around the dinner table we talk about all of the new things we want to discover and/or the favorite things we can't wait to experience again. But what we all miss the most is the large chunk of time that we get to spend together as a family. No obligations, no work, no school - just we 7, 24/7 for nearly two weeks. It's the one time of the year that we get to do that, in this beautiful magical place. Other families have other such places. Ours is Paris and we can't wait to return. Yeah, we've got it bad.

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!

Celebrating mom's birthday @ l'Eiffel Bistrot & Creperie.



  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mere, she looks fabulous! We are off to Paris in September! Can't wait. I think about the trip every day! I couldn't bear to eat the Eiffel Tower, I'd have to keep it! Xx

    1. Hi Flora,

      Please excuse my taking so long to reply - my blogger has been on the wonk for awhile now. Thank you for your Birthday wishes - I told ma mere and she was tickled ;-} I'll be in Paris in September too - YAY! Care to join me for a glass of bubbly? I know the perfect place.


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