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Monday, April 16, 2012

Beaute: Concealer

Correcteur Perfection (Long Lasting Concealer)
$40 Chanel

"The best thing is to look natural,
but it takes makeup to look natural."
- Calvin Klein

As you know, I love the look of a healthy, glowing 'naked' face. During my last three trips to Paris, the vast majority of Parisiennes I saw wore this look to la perfection. In my humble opinion, lots of goop caked on a face, with clown colors piled on top of it, makes a woman's face look older than her years. And on a 40 something woman - it just magnifies all of our flaws - EEK! Of course the 'naked' face is not actually 'naked' (makeup free). Rather, this look is composed of the careful, artful application of a few cosmetics: luminizer (see my pick/review here), concealer, mascarra, blush, lip liner, lip gloss [and you've got to have a fabulous red too (see my pick/review here)].

The Official Word:
"Lightweigt, gel-based conealer with all-day staying power offers flawless, light-to-medium coverage. Ultral smooth, supple texture feels comfortable on skin. Soft-focus pigments brighten dark areas and minimize imperfections. Wand applicator allows for precicse touch-ups."

My Lover's Weekend is only a few more weeks away (Woo Hoo!). I'm also going to be working - shooting and interviewing for Belle Inspiration Magazine. One of the photoshoots I've got scheduled, while I'm Paris, has me as the subject (GULP) - totally time to get serious about my makeup (especially since I'm going to be doing it myself, did I mention...um, GULP?).

Yesterday, I went to a Chanel counter and sat down with a professional makeup artist. Jackie is a lovely petite blonde woman, about my age - I'm not trying to age discriminate, but I was comforted by her age. For one, Jackie has been with Chanel for 18 years - so she knows everything a woman's ever wanted or needed to know about every piece of Chanel (makeup & skincare). But, most importantly, she completely understood what I meant, and needed, when I told her that I wanted/needed a concealer for le visage of a 40-something-fantabulous-Diva: a 'nude' face with all of my lines, dark circles and spots covered.

#42 - Beige Golden

I also told Jackie, that I don't use foundation (and don't intend to start). All I wanted to use was the amazing Chanel Illuminating Fluid, I've become addicted to, beneath my concealer. Before I finished speaking the word concealer, Jackie turned away from me, walked to a nearby counter and rummaged through her wares. When she walked back, she had this tube in her hand. I must say that I was slightly alarmed. That stuff looked pretty light to me, but it had a high density yellow undertone, so I was willing to see where this went.

After applying it to my trouble spots, with a gentle hand, Jackie handed me a hand mirror - oh mon bien! Dark circles and spots - gone. Lines and creases - nearly invisible. This stuff glides on like butter baby. And it feels extremely light weight, barely there.

My 'Temple' skin swatch. It actually first goes on much lighter - see why I was worried?

Blended-in 'Temple' swatch. It looks 'dry' b/c there's no Illuminating Fluid beneath it.

Ladies you know how it is, we've all been there before. You're sitting in the cosmetics department, feeling your Diva and you get a little spend-silly. Well, I'm proud to say that I didn't - I was focused, on a mission. Still, I just could not believe that this stuff would look as good on me when I applied it myself and wore it all day. This stuff just could not be as fantabulous in real time, right?

9 hours and counting...

No the real test was getting it home, applying it myself, and then...wearing it all day. First, I liberally applied my Illuminating Fluid (liberally b/c of my skintone); then the Correcteur concealer. Just a tiny swab (on the desired area), and it 'sits' on top of your skin long enough for you to be able to blend very smoothly. And the Illuminating Fluid still shines through. It's so light, it feels like it's not there. I could not believe how competently the Correcteur covered my undereye circles and dark spots.But the best part? At the end of the day, while my blush and lipgloss may have faded (that's to be expected), my concealer didn't move!

This stuff is pretty awesome! I'm hooked.

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!



  1. Thanks, Temple! I was just shoppig in Sephora the other day for a good one and could not decide! I still wear Definicels by Lancome (mascara) that you recommended years ago!

  2. Looks like I wrote this at the perfect time ;-} Dee, i love this stuff! Let me know what you think. Did you have the same experience. And yes. Definicils will always be a favorite. Though, since I'm falling in deep love w/ Chanel products, I'm going to see what their mascaras are like - stay tooned.



  3. Bonjour Temple,

    Chanel does have some fantastic products, will give this concealer a try. Great tips as always. And bien sur, you'll look fabulous on your Parisian advetures.

    à bientôt mon amie

    P.S. Check out the Belle FB page when you can- https://www.facebook.com/belleinspiration

  4. Mon Ami Mimi,

    Yes, I'm quickly falling in love with Chanel's products. Let me know what you think of this concealer.

    I checked out Belle's FB page - tres belle et merci.

    See you soon,



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