"Those who have experienced Paris have advantage over those who have not. We are the ones who have glimpsed a little bit of heaven, down here on earth." - Deirdre Kelly

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Une Aubaine Imprevue

La Muse Parisienne

It was astonishing to me and it still is...
it was still so unexpected."
- Jacqueline Bisset

It's so easy to become so bogged down in the daily day that you're not living your life, so much as rushing through it. Then something happens that causes you to remember how wonderful your life is. I call these unexpected moments - une aubaine imprevue (an unexpected boon)...

Life is...life. There are a thousand things to do in a day and sometimes (okay most times) you feel like you're a hen running around, from one peck to the next. It's easy to become so bogged down in the daily day that you loose sight of the forest for the trees. You're not living your life, so much as rushing through it. 

Then something happens: a call from a good friend you have not spoken to for far too long, a hug and kiss from a child, cuddling with your honey, taking a long leisurely walk with your Coco - and the whirling stops, if only for a moment.

You stop, take a breath, and that moment helps to ground you. In that moment, you remember what your life is about, how wonderful that life is, and promise yourself to find ways to get more of those moments in your life - once a day would be nice ;-)

I call those wonderful moments 'unexpected boons' - something to be thankful for; a blessing; a benefit. Well the other day I had une aubaine imprevue (an unexpected boon)... 

The "Mimi" Bracelet

In September I made a new friend. My time with Mimi, the sistah-diva-friendship we've forged, inspired me to create this bracelet for her. Well, the other day someone bought the Mimi and one of my art pieces as well - La Muse Parisienne.

La Muse Parisienne

While I've given La Muse as a gift (to a fellow artist), I've never sold one. When I put her in my shop, I didn't think that she'd actually sell. She's very unusual, a fantasy/inspiration, and she's not particularly practical (which was the whole point ;-) But I think she's pretty and interesting so...why not?

After I listed La Muse, I forgot about her - back to the hen pecking. Once I received the sales notice, and got to building it, she worked her magic and inspired me. Instead of using my first-attempts-tiles, I pulled out my stash of newly finished tiles (small and large); and the chandelier crystals I use for my chandelier earrings; and my collection of Japanese glass and Swarouski crystal beads; and all the bits and pieces an artist collects - and went to town!

La Muse Parisienne's skirt

I went to my local arts and crafts store and finally solved the problem of how to stabilize her - La Muse is top heavy due to all of her Diva-bling. I found a fluted wood base that I strung with some of my gold irridescent Japanese glass beads - it looks like a belted-skirt doesn't it? As a result, I love the latest version of La Muse more than the first. I can't wait to hear what my buyer thinks.

This unexpected boon is actually many something's to be thankful for: I made a sale ;-) my creative juices are bubbling once again, I got to spend a day and a night working doing what I love, I am so lucky to have a life that allows me the time and space to work on my art, and my daughter thinks my art is 'cool,'  But what always never ceases to surprise me is when people buy my art. How cool is that?! 

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!



  1. Très bien, mais dommage que ce ne soit qu'en anglais...

  2. Merci Le Gall,

    Je voudrais blog en francais, mais mon francais est trop pauvre. Je practiquerai!

    Joyeuses Fetes,


  3. J'aime bien ta muse; aussi la mienne

  4. Oh Mr. Gorgeous, thank you ;-)

  5. Temple : c'est un bon début ! et ton site est très beau !

  6. "nous irons voir ensemble les jardins refleuris
    et déambulerons dans les rues de Paris"



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