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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

French Girl's Wardrobe: Lirola

"Being strong can also be feminine. I don't think feminine equals being weak. Being strong is also very sexy."
- Sanaa Lathan

I love dresses; I used to wear them all of the time. But as Motherhood progressed, fast and furious, I soon discovered that they were...impractical. Where to wear them? The football field? On the tennis court(s)? Performing my physical contortions to get the right 'shot?' Besides, I firmly believe that the right dress isn't right unless accompanied with 4 inch heels (I don't have to tell you the challenge that would pose on a football field!) Thus, as I suspect is the case with most mothers of young ones, jeans became the staple piece in my wardrobe - well fitting, booty flattering, Diva-jeans, but jeans nonetheless.

But now that a romantic Spring week in Paris is in my near future (and, knowing Mr. Gorgeous, there are going to be some seriously romantic dinners) jeans - Diva though they may be, are just not going to cut it. So, I'm seriously considering packing one or two dresses. Of course, I don't want to pull an old dress out of my closet - it's been years since I bought one. So - to Etsy!

Shirred Tube Dress ($165) - Lirola

Lirola - "Romantic clothing for women, casual, chic, feminine style." I've had my eye on this shop for quite awhile now. Liron is a young lady, living in Israel, who designs and makes these incredibly mature-sexy dresses. What I like best about Lirola, is that her Jersey designs are geared toward every woman's body: petit, tall, curvy, pear shaped, plus sized, extra small, etc. She accomplishes this in two ways: each dress is custom made for your body (using your exact measurements); and she's created a clever design that not only suits every body, but also (this one foundational design) that can be altered to fit your particular vision (and you won't see yourself coming and going ;-) 

For example, let's consider Liron's shirred dress...her clever refreshing design allows you to choose any skirt length, any sleeve length (short, cap, 3/4s, wrist, or no sleeve), and two very flattering necklines (tee or cowl). And you've gotta admit that the shirring on the back does wonderous things for the booty! (though you can have a smooth back too).

A back view - making the booty look fantabulous!

Faux Wrap Dress ($98 - $128)

If a form fitting pencil skirt is not to your liking, check out Liron's A line dresses - and add a flirty flutter sleeve to the mix. Liron's every season dresses are so beautiful in their elegant simplicty...

Cocktail Dress w/ flutter sleeves ($138)

Soft Cowl Dress ($95)

A Line Cocktail Dress ($137)

Spring Cocktail Dress w/ Secret Garden Sash ($148)

With 20 plus color options, the sky really is the limit.

Whenever I'm on Etsy, I 'stop' by Liron's shop - and ogle, drool. But I've been holding off actually buying one of her sexy dresses. Yes, I'm completely updating my French Girl's Wardrobe, but I've been working my way from the Diva-practical-sexy to the Diva-sexy. Yeah you read my mind, Paris in Spring, for my 15th wedding anniversary, means time to go straight to the sexy! Here's what I'm thinking:

You know that I'm loving Liron's Shirred Tube Dress, in 'Loving Red,' but I've always been a bit of a vamp ;-) Oooh, and another one in 'Powder!' I'll finish them off with:

With my 4" Snake Print Pumps, in Natural Matte (Colin Stuart)

And my 'Nude' Fishnet Thigh Highs (Victoria's Secret)

Parfait pour Paris, tu ne crois pas (perfect for Paris, don't you think)? I figure that if I'm going to get back into wearing dresses, in for a penny in for a pound! Yes, I think that Mr. Gorgeous will be very pleased, oui? This getting my French Girl's Wardrobe sh*t together experience is fun...

Vivre! Rire! Aimer!

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